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About Us

At Genesis Fiberglass Concepts LLC, we repairs boats, jet skis, Sea-Doo, Waverunner and any other type of watercraft. We also manufacture parts for the U.S. Government, vehicles, trucks, tractors, trailers and amusement parks and rides.

Genesis Fiberglass Concepts LLC provides Custom Fiberglass Fabrication, Manufacturing and Repair For Aerospace, Defense, NASA, Commercial and Consumer Markets and the Marine Industry.


Since 1986 Genesis Fiberglass has been recognized as a Leader in the Custom fiberglass Fabrication and Manufacturing and Marine Repair.


Our team has extensive experience in building and repairing custom fiberglass parts and the manufacturing  of large fiberglass Missile containers such as the Harpoon MK631, MK630 , MK607 and many more.


Genesis is known all over the US for its fiberglass manufacturing and repair experience.


Genesis has one of the largest most well known Fiberglass Marine Repair facilities in the Southeast.


Genesis offers consulting and management services to small and large businesses to help with the bidding and management of manufacturing contracts involving fiberglass and composites.

Why choose Genesis?

We offer FREE written quotes, accurate estimates, fast repair time, and fast production time. Call us today and you'll see why manufacturers and insurance companies prefer to send their clients to Genesis Fiberglass Concepts LLC!

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